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About us

FRVR is an instant gaming distribution platform and we fundamentally believe that everyone deserves easy access to fun entertainment. We are redefining game distribution as the world leader in building successful game channels beyond the app stores. Our mission is to democratize game distribution by delivering great games for everyone, everywhere.

Lifetime Players
Games Developed

What we do

FRVR is building the ecosystem that brings captivating games to billions of players instantly. We are redefining game distribution, as the world leader in building successful game channels beyond the app stores.

Our mission is to democratize game distribution by delivering great games for everyone, everywhere. We do this by making it easier for game developers and anyone who’s got an audience to be part of the gaming business. We make sure that the right games find the right audience, and that our games are never more than 3 clicks away from anywhere our players are already spending their time – We fundamentally believe that everyone deserves easy access to fun entertainment.

What we believe in

Our Mission and Values.

Dream big

We are an endlessly ambitious, driven bunch ready to punch above our weight.

Keep it simple

We believe in building beautifully 
simple experiences.

Find a way

We find ways to get things done and challenge the status quo.

Our story

Drag to scroll through the years.

First game

Chris Benjaminsen starts building the first game, Solitaire FRVR, as an experiment with new forms of game distribution.

Second game released

Hex FRVR is launched.

Brian Meidell joins FRVR

Brian Meidell joins Chris as co-founder and CEO in May.

Partnership with Facebook

FRVR establishes partnership with Facebook.

Malta office opens

FRVRs office in Malta is established.

Seville office opens

FRVR Seville opens, focusing on Marketing and Growth.

Copenhagen office opens

FRVR Copenhagen office opens.

Partnership with Samsung

FRVR establishes partnership with Samsung.

Lisbon office opens

FRVR Lisbon is established in second half of 2020.

1 billion players

The billionth player plays an FRVR game.

First party studio

FRVR Studio Ursus is established in Denmark.

First party studio

FRVR Studio Spelunca is established in Denmark.

FRVR Acquires top free-to-play shooter game

Leadership team

Co-Founder & CEO

Brian Meidell

Brian has been a gamer for over 30 years, a game developer for 22 years and a games industry entrepreneur for over 15 years. In 2016 he joined as Co-Founder and CEO of FRVR.
Brian is an experienced business leader, an engineer, a lifelong learner. Previous to FRVR, he has served as Founder, Board member, CEO, CTO and Senior Developer in several companies like Cape Copenhagen, IO Interactive, Networkleague, Titoonic, amongst others.
Co-Founder & Head of AI

Chris Benjaminsen

Chris is Co-Founder and Head of AI at FRVR. In this capacity, he manages the team.

Chris is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than 22 years of experience in building and growing computer games as well as in consulting, cloud, SaaS and PaaS companies.

Over the last 9 years Chris has produced and overseen the development of more than 100 casual and social games including titles with 100M+ audiences.

Chief Operating Officer

Guilherme Salgueiro

Guilherme Salgueiro has been the Chief Operating Officer at FRVR since July 2022, a company dedicated to building an ecosystem that will empower everyone to play games everywhere.

From Corporate companies to early-stage startups, it's not Guilherme´s first time disrupting a sector. In Telecommunications, he helped bring the first triple-play operator to Portugal, managing multiple areas like Customer Service & Retention, Technical Operations and Logistics. In Angola, he was on the team that created one of the biggest satellite providers in Africa, going from 40k Customers to 1M in one year and a half.

As a startup operator, he disrupted the hospitality industry two times ( Housetrip and Uniplaces) and then served as a CEO for two different companies in e-commerce ( Overcube and Undandy).

In 2020 he founded a wine marketplace; in 2021, he joined and helped scale Coverflex (Fintech) as a CCO.

Fast and accurate executor, with an extreme bias for action, Guilherme Salgueiro loves to drive simplicity out of complex topics and, more than anything, will empower everyone around him to perform at their best level.

VP of Product

Maiken Fogtmann

Maiken joined FRVR as Head of Design in 2021 to form a new business unit, bringing with her a strong belief in design as a problem-solving tool and as a method for improving interactions between people and the products through fun and intuitive product experiences. Since joining she has grown her team to owning the whole Product Experience.

A focal point of her career has been making playfulness, experience design and business go hand in hand. Whether that being as creative lead at LEGO® Education creating hands-on playful learning experience for the mainstream market, design lead for LEGO® first ever fully integrated digital/physical big bang launch “LEGO® Nexo knights” or driving new blue sky innovations.

Previously, she worked as a Digital Editor at DR (Danish public service television) for the children’s channels, Ramasjang and ULTRA. Maiken holds a Ph.D. in Interaction Design from the Aarhus School of Architecture.

VP of Engineering

Joshua Chittick

Josh is VP of Engineering at FRVR, having joined the company's Beijing office in 2019 as Head of Business Development, APAC, before relocating with his family to the FRVR HQ in Lisbon, Portugal, in early 2021.

He is a software engineer by trade, with more than 10 years of industry experience. He is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, having co-founded multiple startups, the last of which was one of ten startups accepted into the Techstars 2016 program, out of a pool of 600+ applications worldwide.

Joshua is multilingual in Javascript, Java, C#, Elixir, Python, Go, C, C++, AS3, Ruby, English and Chinese Mandarin. Notably, he comes from a land down under.

Our Partners

Every game needs a platform, and every platform needs new ways to engage their audience. That’s where we come in. Our games give the biggest and the best media owners and tech platforms fun ways to delight their users – instantly. Hit the button if you’re interested in partnering with us.