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We want everyone in the world to be three clicks or fewer from one of our games. Can you help make it happen?

We’re FRVR
We make high quality, uncomplicated games that run on anything, anywhere. We are ruthlessly committed to getting consistently better games in front of ever larger audiences with less wasted work. We believe the future of lightweight gaming will be shaped by a different kind of company – one where people are prepared to have their assumptions challenged while learning fast.

What you can expect
At FRVR we don’t rely on waiting for the right market conditions, and we don’t let tools or documentation act as limiting factors. We consistently do more with less – release good games to more platforms, make more games, get more players. We’re turning traditional game development on its head and letting machines do the donkey work so game developers can spend more time doing what they do best – making fun games.

We do everything we can to be fast, first and everywhere – faster at learning, faster at adapting, and faster at getting people playing our games in three clicks or less. You’ll be joining a company where you’ll be given the tools you need to do your best work, and where you’ll find almost unlimited autonomy.

Our principles

Focus on what matters to the player, and don’t waste time on the other 80%.

Don’t overthink it – do it efficiently, measure it, learn from it.

Take responsibility. Do good things. Deliver finished work.

Be good at learning, have systems for it, and learn faster than everyone else.

Challenge accepted wisdom, validate assumptions with data.

If something works, find a smarter, faster way to do it.

Make complexity and boring stuff go away – make the robots do the work.

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